Marked the greatest achivements of Earnest' creative career.




Earnest has made history

by receiving 7 Honorary Doctorates, Music Composer of the Year,

 147 Awards and Accolades across 6 continents for only two songs/Music videos.


It is great honor to announce...

Earnest has been nominated as one of,

"LMAs Top 20 Men of the Year 2023"


Fashsion Art Media Magazine's 

Lifetime Achievement Award 

Music Composer



Earnest is the only fashion designer to achieve this feat.

2022: Music Compose of the Year

Honorary Doctorates of Fine Arts 

"Thank you to ICC and each of the Film Festivals for this incredible Honor"


LMA Top 20 Men of the year


Lifetime Achievement Award

Music Composer

Video Music Producer

of the Year 2024