Note from Earnest:


Sitting in my cousin's church (at the age of 12) we were guests at another cousin's wedding. I dreamed of the day when I might be able to enter the role of being a loving partner. It was then that my mind began to find design ideas for all that we would experience as a couple. From what we would wear to how the church would be decorated. Along with a unique way of entering and exiting our ceremony. I began to imagine this direction 39 years ago. Slowly over time, along with a bit of brainstorming with a girlfriend of mine, Roxanne Collins, Unity was born. 


Imagine gathering a miniority community around a world of new traditions. We are not a mainstream heterosexual couple and we should not celebrate as such. Let us proceed without disrespect to secular traditions. 


I always thought there should be a series of distinct traditions for LGBT couples. In the same way, different cultures have different values and ideas of respect. This is what I always wanted for my future partner and myself. 


This is my contribution to our community...

What is a Unity? 

Unity is the LGBT alternative to heterosexual matrimony.

A one of a kind ceremony and reception has been redesigned for an LGBT couple in search of a unique celebration designed to show their love for one another.


Who is Unity open to? 

Unity is open to all but intentionally designed for LGBT couples.




If you or your partner wishes to hire Earnest as your Unity coordinator or if you would like more information, please feel free to click the Unity button below:

Earnest is a CPD certified Wedding Planner "Unity Planner"