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Hon. D. F. A. Earnest’s career in design began when he was only five years old. Watching his mother sew clothing for him as a child sparked a love for the craft and its creativity. This creative thinking is what would lead him on several successful paths in the future. His extraordinary imagination and extended knowledge of fashion opened opportunities to work with A-list celebrities and individuals representing large corporations. Earnest was able to bring all their ideas to life and more.
Earnest worked with different forms of clothing including business attire, wedding dresses, tuxedos, evening attire, as well as casual and western attire. Some of the collections he designed included handbags, underwear, exterior survival equipment, and an Avant-Garde collection for men. His experience in working with a variety of fashion items opened a door to work in film, stage and television. There he designed costumes for magicians, appropriate clothing for commercials, and apparel for reality shows as well as the silver screen.
An assistant designer of Tim Hamrock Interiors at the time, Earnest’s talent came to the attention of Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis. In 1999, Lewis became his first major client. Earnest chose to collaborate with his friend B. Woskow Esq. to design the project for the International Mars Society. According to our understanding, Earnest is the only fashion designer in history to design a full collection for life on Mars. The collection was exhibited at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Mars Society in Boulder, Colorado on August 8, 2002. Some of the items featured in this exhibit included daywear, nightwear, evening wear, and children’s clothing. In Earnest fashion, he also included Mars outfits for pets.
In 2005, Earnest found inspiration from a client to create a full collection of Men’s underwear. It was named “Sk’n” - “The Uninhabited Pleasure” which later expanded to include E-Lounge wear.
Although his work radiated and shined, it was not a reflection of his life. Unbeknownst to everyone, Earnest suffered the loss of family, friends, and the love of his life. Depression soon began to take over his life although he tried extremely hard to not allow it to do so. To combat it, Earnest wrote his way out from the darkness.
Earnest states, “I was starting to be physically ill as I covered my emotions, I had nowhere to turn. Everyone was looking to me for signs that things were going to be okay. Nobody ever asked me how I was doing, but I was always there to cheer everyone up. One morning I picked up my phone, pulled up the notes section, and typed ‘What do I have to be thankful for?’ After a few weeks passed, I met with a dear friend that convinced me to have the work published and thus Thankful was born.”
In 2007, Earnest begins designing for Grammy-nominated vocalist Tamar Davis alongside Prince for their album 3121. Davis went on to perform in plays by Tyler Perry, participated in The Voice, and later continued to conquer Broadway. In September of 2007, Earnest teamed up with KM to produce the sound of Sk’n.
In 2008, Earnest creates the Caligula collection, offering his design skills to appeal to a broader adult audience. In regard to this collection a client states, “Women have basic underwear, Lingerie, and extreme vulgar undergarments. Men just have underwear in different colors or extremely vulgar undergarments that are almost whimsical, nothing tasteful with an edge to it”. Earnest stepped up to the challenge and created a small collection of underwear for men.
Earnest received an invitation to design for Jonathan Sandys, the great-grandson of Winston Churchill. Sandys wore a design of Earnest to the royal wedding at Buckingham Palace in 2010. Shortly after, Earnest became a brand designer, opening his creativity to a reality television couple and an internationally renowned artist.
In 2012, Earnest began creating apparel for Mykel Hawke and Ruth England Hawke’s projects.
They are best known for their show Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel. On January 9th, Earnest’s design premiered on Mykel Hawke’s show Elite Tactical Unit.
In February of 2013, Earnest was scheduled to become the late Chris Kyle’s brand designer.
From 2014 to 2016, Earnest began designing suits, vests, and t-shirts for Jumper Maybach, a painter who was preparing for his movie The Jumper Maybach Story.
Earnest was more than just a fashion designer. His skills and creative imagination allowed him to also dabble in music as well as writing. In fact, he has two dance songs that he wrote and co-produced for two artists.
In 2015, Earnest brought great change for the LGBT community in the USA. When the Marriage Equality Act was passed by Supreme Court Earnest realized, “Now is the time to bring what I had been working on in the background, forward.” This landmark decision triggered Earnest to compile all his design ideas, directions, and notes into a manuscript. This resulted in the creation of “Unity, New Traditions for LGBT Couples.”
Earnest states, “From a very young age, I knew I was different, and I wanted a different ceremony for people like me, something fresh with traditions, but respectful of religions and traditions of past, today and the future.”
In the winter of 2016, Earnest's first book Thankful received the prestigious International Publisher Award (IPA) for Best Inspirational Book of the Year.
In 2017, shortly after receiving the IPA award, Earnest took time off to care for his best friend who was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Unfortunately, Earnest's friend passed on December 13, 2017.
After taking time off, Earnest reignited his musical artistry. Earnest took the initiative to create music for an upcoming documentary based on Unity.
The summer of 2019 kicks off with a hit song by Earnest. "Let Them Eat Cake (Chapter 18)" is becoming known as the international fight song with its infectious beat causing people to dance. It is available on numerous music platforms worldwide.

With the pandemic in 2020, Earnest took time to reflect on meetings and conversations with Mykle Hawke regarding various fabrics that were used in ancient times. Due to this, he began to research the best textile he could use to protect his clients. With his research, he designed and created custom masks made with Silverdora and Cool-max. These fabrics provide the best protection and breathability.
In August of 2020, Earnest collaborated with Danum Sudarmadi, an Animation Director, to create the official music video for “Let Them Eat Cake.” Earnest wanted to bring a fresh take on the worlds 16 most sports. Once the music video was completed, he began submitting the music video to film festivals globally. The video was awarded 84 accolades across six continents, making it the best animated sports music videos ever made.

To date the awards and accolades are as follows:


Finalist - First Time Filmmaker - UK and USA

Semifinalist - Sweden Film Awards - Stockholm, Sweden
Official Selection - MICMX - Mexico City, Mexico
Best Music Video (Special Jury Award) - Uruvatti International Film Festival - Tamil, Nadu, India
Quarter-Finalist - Best Director - New Generation Film Festival - Belgrade, Serbia

 Best Director Foreign Film - Roshani International Film Festival - India

 Best Director Music Video (3rd rank) - Roshani International Film Awards - India

Official Selection - Dubai Independent Film Festival - Dubai, UAE

 Honorable Mention - ICAN/HANNA International Film Festival - Pennsylvia, USA

Best Music Video - Havelock International Film Festival - India

 Best Animated Short - Havelock International Film Festival - India

 Best Music Video - New Jersey Film Awards - New Jersey, USA

 Honorable Mention / Award Best Animated Short - Only The Best Film Awards - Florida, USA

Semi-Finalist - Madrid Arthouse Film Festival - Madrid, Spain

Award Winner / Music Video - Roshani International Film Awards - India

Official Selection - Film Olympiad - Greece
 Finalist - Baliwood Bali, World Independent Short Film Awards - Indonesia

Official Selection - Paradise Film Festival -Budapest, Hungary
Honorable Mention - Diamond Eye Film Festival - St. Petersburg, Russia Federation

Official Selection - Diamond Eye Film Festival - St. Petersburg, Russia Federation

Best Original Music - Best Istanbul Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

 Best Music Video - Accord Cine Fest - Mumbai, India

Award Winner - iDeal International Film Festival - Sillod, Maharashtra, India

 Best Animation Film - Gobal Monthly Film Competition - Online

 Best Experimental Film - Gobal Monthly Film Competition - Online

Best Music Video - Kuwait Indie Film Fest - Kuwait

 Quarter Finanlist Short Animation - Ani-Mate Animation Film Festival - australia

 Quarter Finanlist Short Animation Music Video - Ani-Mate Animation Film Festival - Australia

 Quarter Finanlist Short Animation Music Video (edited) - Ani-Mate Animation Film Festival - Australia

 Official Selection - Brilliant Indie Film Awards - Online

 Official Selection - Reels International Film Festival - Online

Official Selection - Raya OISFF - Online

Official Selection - Anatolia International Film Festival - Istanbul

Official Selection - Iconic Imges Film Festival - Europe

Official Selection Best Movie Poster - Iconic Imges Film Festival - Europe

Official Selection - Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival - Online

Finalist/Animation - Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival - Online

Best Music Video - EDFAFO (Eletronic Digital Film Art Festival Online)  - Greece

Official Selection - MUD House Independent Short Film Festival - Pathankot, India

● Semi-Finalist Best Film of the Year - Inde. Video Film Festival Youtube Art Club - Pavolos Paraschakis, Greece

Official Selection - Milkyway Film Awards - New Mumbai, India

Official Selection - FilmyWay Independent Film Festival - Mumbai, India

Official Selection - New York Istanbul Short Film Festival - New York, USA

Official Selection - New York Istanbul Short Film Festival - New York, USA

Best Muisc Video North America - Munich Music Video Awards - Munich, Germany

Best Music Video Europe - Munich Music Video Awards - Munich, Germany

Official Selection - Golden Bridge Istanbul ShortFilm Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

Best Animation - Andromeda Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

Best Edit/VFX - Andromeda Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

Official Selection - Andromeda Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

Best Edit/VFX - Liber Films International Festival - Athina, Greece

Official Selection - Fountain Internatioinal Film Festival - Nigeria, Africa

Best Music Video - Subathra International Film Festival - Tamil Nadu, India

Official Selection - Cineaste International Film Festival - Uttar Pradesh, India

Best Foriegn Music Video - Asian Talent International Film Festival - Istanbul, Turkey

Best Animation - Tabriz Cinema Awards - Tabriz, I.R.Iran

Best Music Video - Loutus International Film Festival - Online

2nd Place Best Music Video - Janjira International Film Festival - Maharashtra, India

WINNER - Venus Community Awards - Istanbul, Turkey

Winner Best Music Video - Rohip Independent Film Festival - Tamil Nadu, India

Best Music Video - Golden Peacock Independent Film Festival - Portblair, Andaman & Nicobar Island, India

Official Selection - Kalakari Film Festival - Dewas, India

Best Music Video - Close Film Festival - Tabriz City, I.R.Iran

Best Experimental - Golden Wheat Awards - Istanbul, Turkey

 Best Music Video / Composer - The Gladitor Film Festival - Balat, Turkey

 Official Selection - Diglipur International Film Festival - Nicobar, India

 Best Animated Short Film - Sittannavasal International Film Festival - Tamil Nadu, India

 Musc Video - New Fort International Film Festival - Pudukkottai,Tamilnadu

 Special Jury Award Best Animated Short Video - New Fort International Film Festival - Pudukkottai,Tamilnadu

 Best Music Video - Indo Malay Film Festival - Nicobar Island, India

 Best VFX Stuido - Festival de Indie - Tamil Nadu, India

 Best Experimental Short Video - Golden leaf International Film Festival - Nicobar Island, India

 Best Music Video - Jaffna Global International Film Festival - Global

 Best Music Video - Velunachi International Film Festival - Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu

 Best Music Video -Manama International Film Festival Bahrain - Manama, Bharain 

 Best Composer for Music Video - Bhutan International Short Film Festival - Bhutan

 Special Jury for Short Film - Bhutan International Short Film Festival - Bhutan

 Best Music Video - Qatar International Film Festival - Qatar

 Best US Short Film - Qatar International Film Festival - Qatar

 Best Music Video - Macaw International Film Festival - chennai,Tamilnadu India

 Best Music Video - Valluvan International Film Festival - India

 Official Selection - Indo Singapore International International Film Festival - Kallal, Tamil Nadu

 Official Selection - Sarvin International Film Festival - Viluppuram, India

 Official Selection - Lvory International Film Festival - Online


In the Fall of 2021, following the success of “Let Them Eat Cake,” Earnest compiled 126 images that represented 16 of the world's most popular sports and created the Let Them Eat Cake Collection. It is currently available at opensea.io.
In July of 2022, Earnest presented a new creative direction he never anticipated. A young creator reached and asked if he would be willing to write a song for her upcoming animated spy movie. Earnest accepted the offer and within 10 hours he composed what is now known as Spy Z.0. Avalible now on globaly. To date SpyZ.0 has achived 6 Awards and Accolades.
On September 12, 2022 Earnest receives "Music Composer of the Year" by Aberdeen Fashion Week at Fashion Art Media's 5th Annual Awards Ceremony. Aberdeen, Scotland


On Nov. 23, 2022 Earnest achieved an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from Andromeda FF

Feburary 5, 2023 Earnest receives his second Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from Venus CA

Feburary 21, 2023 Earnest receives his third Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from Close FF

March 5, 2023 Earnest recieves his fourth Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from Golden Wheat Awards

March 21, 2023 Earnest recieves his fifth Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from The Gladiator Film Festival 

April 20, 2023 Earnest recieves his sixth Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for his contributions to Film and TV from The Gladiator Film Festival 

and is now officially known as: Hon. D. F. A. Earnest Diaz


Earnest made the executive decision, in 2011, to write a screenplay / semi-autobigraphical work based on real events leading up to Christmas 2006 based off of his first coffee table book "Thankful".

To date Thankful (Screenplay) has won:

Best Screenplay - Havelock International Film Festival - India

Best Screenplay - Golden Peacock International Film Festival - Portblair, Andaman & Nicobar Island, India

This 2023 will bring the anticipated release of the second installment for Unity titled “Beauty and Grooming.”

Stay tuned for a number of exciting festivals, projects and products coming soon from...

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